Holistic Coaching for Women Helps Improve Self-Love, Self-Forgiveness, and Self-Approval

Here’s an alarming statistic. Only 32% of women practice self-care regularly. Seven out of ten women are so involved in helping everyone else that they lose sight of themselves. Where do you fall?

If you’re continually ignoring your emotional and mental health to focus on your children, your parents, your friends, your job, and your spouse or partner, it’s time to stop. It’s so important to practice self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-approval in today’s world, yet it’s the one thing so many women never do for themselves. Holistic coaching for women is the key to getting you started.

Have You Ever Forgiven Yourself?

What happens when you make a mistake? Do you berate yourself? Self-forgiveness is the concept of forgiving yourself for the mistakes you make and things that don’t go your way. It’s essential to your self-esteem.

It’s just as important to approve of who you are. You may not be rich or have your dream job. Self-approval involves being kind to yourself, no matter where life has brought you. Until you can do that, you may never achieve true happiness.

When you constantly shoot yourself down for making a mistake, caving into a weakness, or being disappointed by things you cannot change, it’s causing emotional harm.

Here’s an example. You’ve lost 40 pounds, but you fall back to old habits and start blaming yourself for being stupid, weak, careless, etc. The more you beat yourself up, the harder it gets to get back on track, and that makes you want to have more sweet treats to soothe the emotional hurt.

That adds to the weight gain, and it becomes a vicious cycle. It’s time to forgive yourself. Is it easy? No, but with help, you can get there. The first step to self-forgiveness and self-approval is knowing you want to make changes and get the help you need to do so.

Change Begins When You Find Your Self-Worth

The Dalai Lama XIV said, “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” Yet, 50% of women do not love themselves. We’re in a world where we view our worth based on what we think others see. Without self-love and acceptance, true happiness is impossible to find.

Women who lack confidence often list three areas as the main cause of their lack of self-confidence:

  • They don’t have enough money.
  • They haven’t done enough in life.
  • The economy, country, and world aren’t in good shape.

Some of these things are beyond your control. Turning off social media and comparing yourself to others, whether it’s friends or celebrities, is a start. But, you also need to start loving who you are. You need to see the value in yourself. That’s hard for many women and something that holistic coaching can help with.

Embrace who you are and power through emotional hurdles rather than letting them rule your life. Holistic coaching for women teaches you how to nurture your mental and emotional wellness so that you are comfortable with who you are. The only person you need acceptance from is yourself, and our programs are here to help you reach that point.

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