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We are thrilled that you’re considering supporting Women Living with Purpose. Your generous donation allows us to continue our mission: empowering women through holistic health, mindfulness, and mental health resources. Every single donation, irrespective of its size, can create a significant impact on someone’s life. Here’s how your contribution can empower women on their journey of transformation:

A donation of $50: This contribution can sponsor a holistic health and wellness workshop for a group of women. These workshops not only promote wellness but also provide women with a sense of community and mutual support.

A contribution of $100: Your gift could fund a critical mental health support session for a woman in need, providing her with the professional help she needs during a challenging time.
A generous gift of $500: Your contribution will enable us to train a mental health advocate. These advocates provide guidance and support to women on their wellness journey, making a positive and lasting impact on their lives.
A contribution of $100: This helps us to design and implement a comprehensive holistic health program for an entire community of women. Your generous donation will create a ripple effect, positively influencing the lives of many.

How Can You Amplify Your Impact?

Program Sponsorship

Your organization can sponsor one or more of our transformative programs, such as the Holistic Health Coaching program, Mediation/Arbitration program, or the Employment Readiness program. By sponsoring a program, you directly empower women by providing them access to these life-changing resources.

Event Sponsorship

Throughout the year, we host various events to raise funds, awareness, and community support for our mission. These events range from wellness workshops, educational seminars, and advocacy campaigns to fundraising galas. Your organization can sponsor these events, gaining visibility and the opportunity to engage with our community.

Sponsorship Benefits

As a sponsor, you will receive various benefits.

Brand Visibility

Your brand will be featured in our marketing materials, events, and on our website, reaching a broad audience that shares your values.

Community Engagement

Sponsoring our cause gives you opportunities to engage with the community, fostering relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Alignment with Corporate Social Responsibility

Your sponsorship aligns with corporate social responsibility objectives, demonstrating your commitment to women's empowerment and community wellbeing.

Impact Reporting

We will provide regular updates and reports detailing the impact of your sponsorship, so you can see firsthand the difference your support makes.

Sponsorship isn't just about financial support; it's about joining a movement.

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Together, we can empower women and build a more equal, balanced, and compassionate world.
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1 in 3

women subjected to physical or sexual violence


of women will experience some form of gender-based discrimination in their lifetime.


of women in the world live in countries where domestic violence is not illegal.


Depression is about 50% more common among women than among men.

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