Mediation/Arbitration Program

Navigate Life's Transitions with Our Mediation/Arbitration Programs

Life’s transitions can be overwhelming, especially when legal complications are involved. At Women Living with Purpose, our Mediation/Arbitration program provides the support you need during these stressful changes. Specifically designed for women who cannot afford conventional legal fees, we offer a helping hand during the turbulent times at home, work, or socially.

Why Choose Mediation/Arbitration Program?

Divorce Mediation

We provide affordable and compassionate support for women navigating the complexities of divorce.

Financial Mediation

We help women navigate financial disputes, providing affordable mediation solutions.

Family Mediation

Our dedicated service helps resolve familial disputes in a respectful and supportive environment.

Social Conflict Mediation

Our program assists in handling social conflicts, offering tools for effective communication and understanding.

Workplace Dispute Arbitration

We offer support in resolving work-related conflicts, creating smoother transitions during professional changes.

Legal Support and Referrals

For more complex issues, we provide referrals to legal professionals within our network.

Who is this program for?

Our programs are aimed at any woman going through a difficult transition, needing help navigating through disputes, or looking for cost-effective solutions for legal mediation.

What People Say About Our Program?

During a challenging life transition, I turned to Women Living with Purpose's Mediation/Arbitration program. The level of affordable, professional, and empathetic support I received was beyond expectation. They helped me navigate a difficult dispute, prioritizing understanding and respect throughout the process. I highly recommend their services for any woman in need of cost-effective and supportive legal mediation.

Their Mediation/Arbitration program turned my life around. During a tough family dispute, Women Living with Purpose offered affordable legal help that eased my stress immensely. I'm truly grateful for their support.
Michelle L.

"I was feeling lost and overwhelmed when I stumbled upon WLWP. Their Mediation/Arbitration Programs guided me through one of the most challenging periods of my life. Their compassionate, professional support was invaluable."

Things to keep in mind

It is important to understand what our role entails and, just as crucially, what it does not. We are not legal professionals. Living with Purpose is not a law firm, along with any of its affiliates or employees:
Our role is to facilitate communication, promote understanding, assist in resolving disputes, and provide arbitration services when parties agree to this process. We focus on helping you find fair and efficient solutions to your disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mediation and Arbitration programs handle a wide range of disputes, including family conflicts, workplace disputes, social conflicts, and financial disputes.
Our programs provide a confidential, less formal, and more affordable solution than conventional legal proceedings. They also give you more control over the outcome and can often lead to quicker resolution of disputes.
Our mediators and arbitrators are highly trained professionals who specialize in facilitating the resolution of disputes. They are neutral third parties dedicated to helping you navigate through difficult situations.
Yes, many disputes are resolved through mediation or arbitration even when a lawsuit has been filed. You can always consult with your lawyer to decide the best course of action.

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